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The Countdown has began!

Right from the beginning of time, incentives and rewards have been tied to one form of duty, exercise, work or task as a way of compensating people for the service or effort rendered. As a result of this, gig/freelance platforms have emerged, offering services and providing incentives and now there is a marked increase of freelancers globally. However, there is a major limitation in the fact that the gig platforms were built only for skilled experts.

What about little tasks that could be done by anyone who simply needs to make a living? It was to bridge this gap that we decided to create a sustainable freelance marketplace for all spectrum of jobs, from complicated tasks which require a particular set of skills, to simple and easy work which require a single click or share as long as the user has internet connectivity.

The internet is known as a small world where anything can be done without stress. The past few years have proven that the internet technology has got enough room for projects that are ready to simplify the world’s most difficult activities. This led to the pioneering of the different gig/freelance platforms designed for professionals. The conventional gig platforms we have in our modern times have their marketplace structured on a centralized database to incentivize users with highly skilled freelance abilities. On some of these platforms, users need to possess certain specialized experiences or skills to be able to partake of the values and services. This means the user must be a professional thereby putting the non-professionals at a total disadvantage.

Introducing Telos task and the upcoming launch

“Do less and earn more”

‘‘The do less earn more platform’’

Think about this though; what if you wanted to organize a campaign or a basic crowd task? Would you need professionals to handle such simple tasks? In the answer to this question lies the rationale behind the creation of Telos Task.

It is a freelance marketplace for micro and macro tasks listing and work completion with an intuitive user experience integrated on the blockchain for work transparency, job improvement, job opportunities, easy workflow, rich tokenomics, sustainable business plan and provision of solutions to the biggest shortcoming of the traditional platforms.

The team has birthed the Telos Task platform via the Telos blockchain for the average users who render a wide range of services, both simple and technical services. Such people can participate in the wealth of tasks on our platform by doing simple tasks for which they will be rewarded with the Task tokens upon completion.

Telos Task On The Telos Blockchain

The Telos task platform is set to change the modus operandi of freelancing from the conventional structures which aren’t always standardized and which lack the fundamental bedrock of blockchain technology innovated to solve counterfeit issues, lack of transparency and decentralization.

Here on Telos Task, you don’t have to be a professional freelancer, you don’t need to be a developer, photographer, farmer, engineer, professional writer, or lawyer before you can earn via the platform. If you have something to offer, there would be a task tailored for simple services which you can participate in to mine/earn the Telos Task token.

Do less to earn more.

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The first freelance marketplace for different skillset built on top the Telos blockchain. Do less, earn more.

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Telos Task

The first freelance marketplace for different skillset built on top the Telos blockchain. Do less, earn more.