Reintroducing TelosTask: 3 Things You Should Know

The future of work is ever-evolving, and as the digital age expands and technologies emerge, there is a rise in the need for freelancers and the services they offer.

Also, the pandemic raised awareness on the possibilities of working and earning from home. The weak economy also iterates the need for a side gig or another source of income.

These situations are some of the reasons TelosTask exists, and this article aims to get you better acquainted with the app.

Let’s look at

What TelosTask is

What makes TelosTask standout

How you can take advantage of the platform.

What is TelosTask

TelosTask is a freelance task marketplace for seamless transactions between a task giver and a task taker.

We connect freelancers with clients who have minor or major tasks needing completion. The platform is run on the Blockchain and supports the future of work by offering a decentralized ecosystem to promote the completion of tasks in a hassle-free manner.

On the platform, micro and macro gigs are outsourced and completed in an orderly, straightforward manner so that you can do less and earn more.

What Makes TelosTask Standout

The reality is that the surge mentioned earlier led to a rise in marketplaces for gigs and jobs, with each establishment connecting freelancers with available tasks. This rush begs the need for proofing, authentication, and verification.

So, let’s put TelosTask under the radar:

What makes Telostask different?

How can you be sure that it is not like every other job marketplace out there?

The only way you can confirm the wonder of TelosTask is by using the platform. However, here are four advantages we have over others.

TelosTask is for everybody. Let’s face it, segregation exists in the physical workplace, and it flows into the digital workplace. Many platforms restrict access to people of some nationalities, and if they get in, some features do not apply to them or they are put on a list to set them apart from the rest of the community. TelosTask is not interested in where you come from, what you believe, or what you look like. You’ll get paid as long as you complete the task.

On TelosTask, you do not need special skills. Whether you are skilled or unskilled, you can find tasks on Telos. Micro tasks do not require a skillset or particular qualification like the Macro tasks do. On Telos, there is something for everyone; anyone can earn on TelosTask.

It runs on the Blockchain. This means transparency is second nature on the platform. Issues of late payment are done away with, and once the task is confirmed as completed, your payment is confirmed.

It runs its economic system. Payment processes and gateways are major challenges when it comes to digital marketplaces. This is dealt with by the TelosTask economic system powered by the TASK utility token. $TASK is used for access on the platform and payment to users. However, if you want us to speak in the currency you understand, you should know that TASK is listed on NewDex and Tswap, and will soon be listed on more exchanges.

What You Can Do On the TelosTask Platform

As earlier stated, there is something for everyone at So, whether you are looking for extra cash, using your skills, or outsourcing jobs and clearing your desk and head, TelosTask can serve you.

On TelosTask you can

1. Sign Up

2. Browse and complete tasks

3. Create tasks

4. Fund your wallet

5. Link your account to the Blockchain

6. Do other things as we evolve

Step-by-step explanations on how to do these will be shared in subsequent articles.

Stay tuned, do less, and earn more.



The first freelance marketplace for different skillset built on top the Telos blockchain. Do less, earn more.

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Telos Task

The first freelance marketplace for different skillset built on top the Telos blockchain. Do less, earn more.